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Regardless of the size of the project and the specialist discipline, we clarify the project framework and the economic constraints in advance and ensure the correct conception and dimensioning of your plant or system right from the start. Our proven interdisciplinary approach allows us to incorporate the expertise of in-house experts in a targeted manner, and our quality-oriented processes ensure the implementation of your user requirements.

As your sole and competent contractual partner, we assume integral responsibility for planning and coordinate the interfaces between the various disciplines and trades.

We guarantee independence from third parties, act objectively in consideration of all framework conditions and only provide advice in areas with proven competence.

Engineering, consulting and quality assurance

Our plant engineering stands for reliable and innovative solutions in biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology, our team for process technology solutions from A to Z with high quality. With the help of modern instruments, we not only handle demanding planning tasks, but also ensure the realization, commissioning and optimization in the operation of technical systems. Regulatory requirements are taken into account, as are the diverse expectations of our customers.

Building owner support and technical construction management

Complex, interdisciplinary construction projects lead to demanding structural organizations. The increasing number of orderers acting in partnership, as well as many line and staff units, trigger intensive coordination and harmonization tasks.

As a building owner, you often do not have the necessary human resources to perform all these tasks yourself. As owner support, if necessary in combination with owner representation, we relieve you of the burden of these tasks.

For new buildings or existing objects, our specialists are at your side as technical experts or sub-project managers from the planning stage through project planning to implementation and commissioning.


We use the following technologies and applications for the planning and implementation of customer-specific projects:

  • Knowledge Management Processes
  • Knowledge base
  • Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Autodesk Plant3D, Revit, Navisworks
  • Autodesk ACC
  • BIM method with IFC interface (open BIM)
  • Project visualization with VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality)

HAZOP study

The HAZOP methodology is one of the most widely used hazard identification and assessment tools. This was developed to identify potential hazards and reasons for deviations from operational processes.

Together, we assemble an interdisciplinary team of experts from different fields, bringing different experiences and perspectives to the table. We prepare the documents and moderate the meeting. All situations that can be caused by a system or those that affect the system through the environment are analyzed. Subsequently, we document the results of the HAZOP study and derive the further course of action to increase the safety of your operational processes.

Furthermore, we investigate the safety functions for which the risk must be assessed and the risk reduction (SIL) must be determined.

Conformity assessment according to the Machinery Directive

Most EU directives require economic operators to carry out a conformity assessment procedure. In this procedure, the hazards and risks posed by the plant must be identified and evaluated.

To ensure that the equipment in your company complies with the Machinery Directive and thus with the legal requirements, we take over the professional inspection and assurance of conformity of your process equipment.

As a customer, you benefit from our in-depth expertise in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry during the analysis and implementation of measures, as well as the competence and many years of experience of our staff in risk assessment according to SN EN ISO 12200 and in conformity assessment.